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If you are looking for a place at a university of your choice this year, you are at the right website. We provide complete support for students’ admission process. All you need is a high ambition and we will do the rest.

Passionately solve admission problems

If a student has any particular choice of university, we find out the entry requirements for that university and assess the student’s credentials for suitability.

In case the requirements are not met straight forward, we contact the university and negotiate with a professional presentation of the student’s interest.

We insist on finding the best university for you

If the requirements are still not met, we advise the student of other universities with more relaxed requirements.

We match the students’ abilities and credentials with the available universities.

We collect all required documents from the student and process the application on behalf of the student and regularly liaise with the university until the student is enrolled.

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Our Education Services for Students are entirely Free with no obligations.
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