About Us

Our Aims

Higher Education for All

Our aim simply is to ensure the under privileged and the financially challenged section of the society access to higher education.

Members of the socially and financially challenged communities are still backwards and dependent upon low-paid jobs which nobody else wants. We want this to change. We want to help them educate themselves at universities and aim high in the society.

Circulate benefits of Education

We want people of all ages from these communities to attend universities. This will open up an entirely new horizon in their lives.

They will not only educate themselves and earn degrees, but also mix with people from different walks of life and become open to new and innovative ideas. Our aim is to let people know that they can get enrolled in the subject of their interest at any university.

Opening a new Window

Our aim is to let people know that it is very easy to finance their studies and have financial support during the study.

Many educational programs will focus on students’ acquisition of formal knowledge and training, and will often equip them with the technical skills necessary to take up paid employment in a specific sector.

Our Mission

Our mission is to engage the community in teaching real world work and life readiness curriculum to people of all ages through higher studies at college or university. This can be done in many parts of United Kingdom through the engagement of various social or religious organizations playing their part in creating the awareness among the poor and distressed people of the ethnic minority communities.

Preparing students for life after high school is critical to empowering the next generation workforce. We also encourage the youths in the society to enroll for higher education and shape their future and make sure they do not get derailed after high school. Young people will be expected to perform on teams, think creatively and solve problems for the betterment of our community and society.

Our Vision

The work that needs to be done will level the playing field for all members of the under privileged communities across the country. 

Once every adult has the basic skills, confidence and experience practicing how to envision and achieve their dreams, we will live in a world where every person has a fair shot. 

When every person has a fair shot, the face of the ethnic minority community will change completely.